Cran Apple On Ice by Loaded 120ml 3mg

Cran Apple On Ice by Loaded. Vape E-juice is a nice blend that combines tangy, sweet and tart cranberries and apples with ice-cold menthol for one of the most refreshing vaping experiences imaginable. During the hot summer months, Cran-Apple On Ice vape juice will absolutely cool you down instantly. Therefore, you must try. Besides, you should stock.

A very exciting trend within the vaping community is mixing cool menthol with a cocktail of juicy fruits. More and more vape juice brands are discovering that intense minty flavor.

complements a variety of fruits and is conducive to an extremely refreshing, pleasurable vaping experience. That’s why Loaded E-Liquid took this concept to the next level when they created Cran Apple On Ice vape juice.

Loaded E-Liquid has given menthol lovers a reason to celebrate. Loaded’s Cran-Apple On Ice ejuice delivers a sweet and tart punch of fruity flavor with a powerful hit of satisfying menthol. This unique Cranberry and Apple flavor combination is quickly becoming a favorite among vape enthusiasts worldwide. When you take you first inhale of Cran-Apple On Ice from Loaded E-Liquid, satisfyingly tart cranberries will explode on the tongue in the best way possible. Instantly, you will feel like your entire body just cooled down. As the flavor develops, warm and sweet red apples will balance out the tartness, adding depth to the overall flavor. As you exhale, cool menthol will soothe the throat and make you feel like you just splashed cold water all over your body.

Cran-Apple On Ice vape juice comes in a 60ml glass dropper bottle. With a 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base, it will allow you to produce big, puffy vape clouds for hours on end. Leave it to Loaded E-Liquid to combine tart and refreshing cranberry apple juice with intense menthol. Each hit of Cran-Apple On Ice eliquid will cool you down and quench your vaping thirst on a hot summer day.

VG/PG: 70/30
Flavor Profile: Cranberry, Apple, Menthol.

Made in The USA



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